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DCAC’s education team has more than two decades of experience delivering high quality training. Over the past several years, DCAC has developed a series of professionally-produced, video-based curricula to address a gap in the marketplace for comprehensive child abuse training. The staff and partners of the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center strongly believe education is one of the community's best defenses against those who seek to harm children. Training programs offered include:

  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, for staff and volunteers
  • Como Reconocer y Reportar el Abuso Hacia Menores, a culturally-relevant Spanish program
  • Parent/Child Curriculum

DCAC's education team first began its community education initiative in Dallas County and has now made its programs appropriate for national use. The DCAC Training Center is a platform to host video-based curriculum for one-time users, as well as to facilitate resources to child serving organizations.

While DCAC is proud to be able to offer effective parenting programs to the caregivers of the children served at DCAC, the Center now offers positive parenting seminars in the community. The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is an evidence-based program to assist caregivers in enhancing their relationships with their children. This program has been found to be effective at teaching caregivers to encourage appropriate behaviors in their children, as well as be consistent in non-punitive discipline. Caregivers of DCAC clients have access to intensive parent programs at DCAC, as well as offer in positive parenting; raising confident, competent children; and raising resilient children in the community.

If you would like more information on educational trainings, please email